Accelerate your product growth

askMay accelerates your Hypothesis-Driven

experimentation for faster growth.


Your AI growth manager

askMay empowers
cross-functional teams.

Classify, summarize, and interpret user interviews and sales conversations to help you craft better hypothesis-driven experiments in a fraction of the time without needing an army of PMs, Data Scientists, and Engineers.

askMay accelerates your Hypothesis-Driven Experimentation for faster growth.

Quickly categorize customer issues by analyzing data.

Discover the origin of your customers with ease.

Categorize by specific scenarios or applications to better understand usage patterns and optimize performance.

Know your ICP

Effortless customer needs tracking

Translating to action: We log insights from client feedback and tally recurring themes for actionable outcomes.

Broad feedback into detailed insights.

How information is shown with various perspectives and sorting options.

Set distinct issue stages for every team.

Built for growth

Any action can be performed from the chat.

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Record and transcribe meetings from Google Meet, Zoom and other apps.

Transcribe and save calls recorded through Zoom Cloud Recording.

Sync calendar and calls that record customer interviews.

Automatically share meeting transcripts, notes, and recordings to a channel.